Welcome to Elena Calude's personal site

I live in the city of sails, Auckland, in sunny New Zealand,
about 17255 km (10722 miles or 9317 nautical miles [World Atlas])
from the country I was born in, namely, Romania.

I grew up in Constantza and was educated at the National College Mircea Cel Batran. Here are some nice pictures from this old city. I used to live with my husband Cris and daughter Andreea in Bucharest, where I undertook most of my university studies at the University of Bucharest. While in Bucharest, I taught mathematics at the High Schools Number 50 and Number 49, and Iulia Hasdeu College. In 2003 I have met some of my former students in Bucharest.

After arriving in New Zealand, I completed a PhD in Computer Science, at the University of Auckland, a university which has recently been ranked among the 250 best universities in the world.

I am a lecturer in computer science at Massey University at Albany Campus in Auckland.
You can view my work homepage here and two photos taken by my students: A, B.

In 2003 my sabbatical leave took me to Effat College in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and the Institut fur Informatik, Martin-Luther-Universitaet, Halle-Wittenberg, Germany. You can view some of the photos I took there and some of the photos Cris took; other photos are from Halle. Shopping with Susan. Last pictures from Jeddah. In December 2004 I organised the Eight edition of the International Conference "Developments in Language Theory": there were lots of pictures. In January 2005 I visited Valparaiso, Vina del Mar and Santiago in Chile. Then I was in Bologna and Rome in Italy, Predeal-Sinaia in Romania, and Rarotonga. Our Institute Xmas party was held at Long Beach. Some NZ Xmas 2005 pictures. Finally these are my favourite Auckland Botanical and Winter Gardens flowers in 2005. In Paris, 2008. Flowers.