Andreea has graduated with BSc (Mathematics) and BA (Linguistics). Some of Andreea's writings. Andreea has designed a web site for an Introduction to Graph Theory Workbook. Andreea's first mathematical paper The Journey of the Four Colour Theorem Through Time (pdf version; see also Math Olympiad selection articles) and her first review A beautiful mind published by NZ Listener (May 18-24, 2002). Featured in the East & Bay Courier from 7 June 2002. Featured in "Waikato Times", October 2003. Andreea's 1997 pictures. My favourite Andreea's picture. Here are some pre-grad pics, grad pics and honours pics. Andreea is 24! Andreea's pictures from Jeddah. Andreea is 25! Andreea's talks at UoA Open Day. Andreea after Nike run, 3 October 2004. On 31 October 2004 Andreea did the Half Marathon in Auckland: she was placed 156 in F0134 and 1174 out of 5370 participants, MA Graduation May 2005, Giants and Andreea (August, 2005). Andreea was placed 709 with NetTime 4:02:42 for Auckland Marathon (30 October 2005). At Heineken Final 2007. Andreea's pictures at her PhD Oral Defense (1 February 2008) and following party (22 February 2008) and Graduation (1 May 2008).